Since 1996, Business Phone Specialists, has been helping local businesses with their phone system needs.  Our finding is that people don't user their systems's features as they could.  Or, with a few add-ons, they could get even greater efficiencies and substantial benefits.  Additionally, a few wasted seconds here, a few seconds there- all add up to many hours over the systems' lifetine.  The staff of Business Phone Specialists has put together this information for you and would like the opportunity to discuss these items with you- feel free to email or call us at 208-523-0006, 208-232-2224, or 307-733-8700.

The Top 5 Things your phone systems probably already does that you are not using-

1.  Group Paging

2. Voice Paging

3.  Speed Dial

4.  Proper Programming of Intercoms and Feature buttons

5.  Call Logging.

We offer training on your phone system.  Contact us to schedule a training or tune up!

Four recommended ways to make more money with your phone system.

1. Advertise to your callers on hold.  Why play music (or worse yet, nothing) to your on hold callers when you can tell them about your product or services?  BPS has some great on hold digital players we can install for you.  Contact us for details.

2.  Know your your call volume.  What times are your busiest call times?  What day of the week?  Who talks the longest in your office?  Do you have too many lines? Are you aware your current phone system can probably tell you all this plus much more?  BPS has an inexpensive "call report service" where we can show you the traffic on your phone system.  We also have software you can own that shows long term trends for you.

3.  Reduce phone abuse.  It is reported that 22% of all calls made at work are non-business related.  What are they costing you?  Our "call report service" will help you identify expensive gaps in your employee productivity.

4.  Stop taking messages.  Voice mail can pay for itself in a few months.  Voice Mail message notification, visual voice mail, and other new features can enhance your business productivity.

We have great pricing on products to help you with all of these suggestions!

Let Business Phone Specialists do a free "phone bill analysis."  We often can make recommendations to you for your phone service, long distance plan, or internet that can save some businesses over $100 per month.  Simply fax your bills to us at 208-523-0009 ATTN: Dean.  There is no obligation.  There really is some great savings!