Even if you do not have a maintenance plan on your phone system from Business Phone Specialists yet we now are offering free access to our user video library.  We strongly encourage you to get at least a quote on covering your office phone system.  We provide coverage for the control unit or control unit and sets.  Coverage includes priority dispatch, user training on site, programming help, troubleshooting, and no unexpected repair bills depending upon plan.  Call or email us for a free quote.  Email support@businessphonespecialists.com or call 208-523-0006 or 307-733-8700.

To get access to our video library please:

    1. Email your name, company name, and phone number to  support@businessphonespecialists.com

    2.  Ask to be put on our customer email list.  We send out relavent information about your phone system on a regular basis.

   3. Click here to be transferred to our user video library.