If you have a Partner phone system and use phones like the above photo then the links below are for your system.

If you have the new Avaya IP Office Partner Version phone system (sold 2011 and after) click here for videos for your system!

We have made a series of on line videos to help you get the most out of the equipment you already own.  Please call or email support@businessphonespecialists.com if you need any assistance.

We do ask for one favor.  Please let us review your Qwest (Century Link) phone bill for no charge.  We often save our customers $50 or more per month.  A review is free.  Email sales@businessphonespecialists.com , call us, or simply fax the first 2 pages of your bill to Dean at 208-523-0009.  Why not see how much you can save?

User Training Videos for the Partner brand Phone System

Simply click on the topic of interest

1. Introduction (Watch First)

2. Basics of the phone system

3. Using speaker, buttons, and manual

4.  Using the hold, answering calls, intercom

5.  Intercom and transfer

6.  How to program buttons

7.  More on programming buttons

8. Setting up Personal Speed Dials

9.  How to change your system batteries when extension 10 or 11 says to change batteries with the power on.