If you have an Avaya IP OFFICE phone system you are at the correct place.  The IP OFFICE is the latest, greatest phone system from the world leader in phone equipment.   Most sets, but not all, will look something like these:


For the Avaya IP Office there are two flavors of software,  Essentials and Basic.  An easy way to tell is that on extension 10 or 11 on the bottom right of the display when it is in home mode (just touch the phone button) you will see the word "ADMIN" if you have the Basic edition.  If you don't see ADMIN you probably have the Essentials software and we are taking care of those systems with other programming steps directly with your firm.  IF you are not sure, call us at 208-523-0006 and we will easily be able to tell you if you have Basic or Essentials software.

If you have the BASIC Edition then we strongly recommend you do the follow the steps below.  To make your system more secure from inside users or outside hackers and their unauthorized use, we suggest you both block calls on the system as described below (Step 1) and the put a block on your lines (see Step 2) on the Security Setting page of our web site (Click here to see)

Before your begin please watch our introduction video by click here. 

To create and then apply your disallowed list, please do the following:

1.  Download our "suggested numbers to block" handout by clicking here.

2. Create a disallowed list.

          a.  Click here for the instruction sheet on how to create

          b.  Click here for the video on how to set up a disallowed list

3.  Apply the disallowed list to all your extensions.

         a.  Click here for the instruction sheet on how to apply your list.

         b.  Click here for the video on how to apply your list. 

               Regardless of how many phones you have please apply all

                your lists to extensions 10-99

Your done with Step 1. 

Please click here to go the Security page and be sure to complete Step 2 which is contacting your dial tone provider.