The Partner Phone System was made first by AT&T, then its' spin off Lucent Technologies and then its' spin off Avaya Communications.  It is a great system- high quality and easy to use- and we have many hundreds of customers with this phone system.  If you are looking to possibly upgrade to something newer email us at for a free quote.

To make your Partner phone system more secure from inside users or outside hackers and their unauthorized use, we suggest you both block calls on the system as described below (Step 1) and block calls and other things on your lines (see Step 2) on the Security Page of our web site (Click here to see)

Before your begin please watch our introduction video by click here.

To set up and then apply your disallowed list, please do the following:

1.  Download our suggested "numbers to block" handout by clicking here.

2.  Create a disallowed list.

          a.  Click here for the instruction sheet on how to create a list.

          b.  Click here for the video on how to set up a disallowed list.

3.  Apply the disallowed list to all your extensions.

         a.  Use the same instruction sheet from the step above. 

         b.  Click here for the video on how to apply.

                           (Note:  Apply your list to Extensions 10-57)

Your done with Step 1 which is programming your phone system. 

STEP 2 -  Call your local Carrier and restrict your lines.  Please click here to go the Security page for instructions..